Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mission Impossible III

Mission Impossible III

I didn't like it

           I didn't like it.  The movie had a couple of neat scenes, but it was all around a little dumb.  The acting was somewhat mediocre over all and Tom Cruise is weird to look at and listen to.  The stunts were cool but that was only four or five times throughout the entire movie.  The other hour and a half was filled with an all around "meh" experience.

Part 1: Shanghai Swing King

     Tom Cruise has to get into a building and he decided to pull a Tarzan and swing over.  I want to know if would actually survive his landing instead of making a stain.  This one is probably the easiest to figure out since it gives you the numbers. The initial building is 226 meters tall and the final building is 162 meters tall.  The distance between the two towers is 47.55 meters.  Tom didn't just fall off of the first building when he began his journey, he jumped.  That means that he had an initial X velocity.  The maximum human running speed is about 12 m/s.  Lets keep in mind that Tom Cruise, as physically fit as he is, won't be able to beat my boy Usain.  To keep the math easy lets just say he was running at 10 m/s. He didn't really leap up, he just leaped forward.  We'll just assume that his Initial Y was zero and move on.  The total time of the stunt was around 23 seconds, however, there was a slow motion shot for about 5 seconds.  Lets just say it took 20 seconds for the sake of keeping it simple.  The acceleration due to gravity is -9.8 m/s^2.  Air resistance is annoying so forget it.  Lets list them out.

Building Initial or Bi = 226 m
Building final or Bf = 162 m
Distance between buildings or D = 47.55 m
Initial X or Xi = 10 m/s
Initial Y or Yi = 0 m/s
Time or t = 20 s
Acceleration due to gravity or Ga = -9.8 m/s^2 

   I'm not sure if he could survive this but whatever it's a movie.

Part 2: Bridge Boy Jump

     Tom Cruise is trying to get to a helicopter to stop the bad guy after fighting a drone.  The drone blew a hole in the bridge.  Tom has to jump the hole.  How much force was required for Tom Cruise to make that jump.  The hole is about one and a half cars long.  The average car length is 4.5 meters in length.  That means that the distance is somewhere around 6.75 meters.  Tom Cruse has a mass of 67 Kilograms.  The acceleration due to gravity is -9.8 m/s^2.  We'll say that his angle of launch was a solid 45 degree angle.  Lets list them out.

Mass of Tom or m = 67 kg
Distance or d = 6.75 m
Angle of launch or a = 45(in degrees)
Acceleration due to gravity or Ga = -9.8 m/s^2

Its a maybe... or not, I'm bad at this.

Part 3: Tower Drop Top

     Tom Cruise made it into the tower in Shanghai, however, now he has to get out.  He does this through a window that's "around" the top floor.  Then he continues to "descend" to the ground.  It wasn't a straight drop in the movie, however, what if it was.  I'm not going to lie, I wished the movie ended there with him hitting the curb so I could go home.  I want to know the speed of impact for Tom if his shoot didn't open.  He would've fallen about 162 meters with an acceleration of -9.8 m/s^2.  What would his final velocity be?  It's only two numbers so lets skip the list.

     I'd give the movie a 3/10, if it wasn't for the fact that attendance counted, I would've gone home.  I'm hype for Interstellar tho.